Core qualifications

For many years, the core qualifications for school business professionals were the L4 Certificate in School Business Management (known as the CSBM), the L5 Diploma in School Business Management (known as the DSBM), and the L6 Advanced Diploma in School Business Management (known as the ADSBM).

In 2018, these qualifications were redeveloped by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). ISBL was part of the group that redeveloped these qualifications to ensure they were robust and fit for purpose and met the needs of the SBP and the sector. As they were developed, these qualifications were mapped to the ISBL Professional Standards.

There are now two core SBP qualifications:

These programmes of study are best suited to those practitioners already undertaking a school business professional role within a school. However, routes do exist for those aspiring to be a school business professional that are not already working in the education sector. The Aspiring School Business Manager programme is available if you have not yet worked in a school but believe that you have the transferable skills against the ISBL Professional Standards to undertake the role. This programme explores the role of the school business manager (SBM) and is specifically developed for those considering a career change. You find out more information here.

Please note, the L6 ADSBM was not redeveloped and has since been withdrawn. SBPs should now consider completing the L6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

You can find out more on the individual web pages for each qualification.