Level 5 ILM Diploma for School Business Leaders

This qualification is designed specifically for school business professionals and aims to provide the knowledge and skills required to develop in your career. Many SBPs progress to this qualification after completing the L4 ILM Diploma for School Business Managers.

This ILM Diploma qualification is mapped to the ISBL Professional Standards for school business managers and reflects the changing roles performed by school business professionals across schools and academies.

Formerly known as the DSBM (L5 Diploma in School Business Management), this qualification was redeveloped by he Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) in 2018. As they were developed, these qualifications were mapped to the ISBL Professional Standards.

What will I learn?

This qualification will enable you to:

  • manage school resources more efficiently and effectively
  • evaluate the strategic nature of school business operations within your school
  • develop strategic knowledge and skills in all aspects of the ISBL Professional Standards

There are three mandatory units:

  • Leading Support Services in a School
  • Managing School Finances
  • Managing Procurement in a School

The optional units are:

  • Human Resource Management in a School
  • Managing School Infrastructure
  • Managing Marketing in a School

Who is it for?

This qualification is aimed at SBPs who are looking to develop their leadership and management skills and work at a more strategic level in their school/trust. The Diploma will enable the individual to develop their professional learning, gain insight into the strategic dimension of their role and understand the how to lead and manage a range of functions in a school.

It can also be suitable for people who are looking to move into the profession from a different sector.

“Don’t undervalue your CPD. Professional, well-trained SBLs in schools facilitate the best education for children and ensure maximum impact and value for them.”

Read more about Jo Tillin’s experience of the L5 Diploma here.

How long does it take? 

This qualification typically takes 18 months to complete.

The Total Qualification Time (TQT) is: 435 hours

How is the qualification funded?

The qualification is available to all schools/trusts (and can be paid for directly by your school/trust or self-funded). It is separate from the apprenticeship scheme and is not eligible for apprenticeship funding.

Where is it offered and types of learning options available?

This qualification is offered nationally by various training providers. It is available as a full programme and is offered as blended learning or fully online.

Training providers offering this qualification can be found here.