Category: ISBL Professional Clerking Programme

During 2018 ISBL worked with CIPFA and CST to design and develop the ISBL Professional Clerking Programme which consisted of 9 module workbooks. This programme was delivered to clerks, through a series of face-to-face sessions and private study, and came to an end in December 2020. Participants have ranged from new to longstanding clerks working in settings ranging from small local authority (LA) schools to large multi-academy trusts (MATs). Thirteen cohorts and 179 participants later, ISBL’s programme has seen 95% of those who responded to a survey in May 2020 said their skills and/or knowledge has improved.

Due to this excellent feedback from participants, ISBL has decided to make the workbooks available for all school business professionals (SBPs) and clerks.

The original programme provided funding by the DfE for participants to attend group training sessions and provided mentoring and feedback. This funding has come to an end and so we cannot offer mentoring or feedback. We are aware that the programme and materials have not been updated in 2021 but ISBL is confident that this these workbooks will be useful to the sector and the DfE has agreed that they can be made public.