Group Details

Northamptonshire School Business Management Forum

Northamptonshire School Business Management Forum (NSBMF) – Membership purposely consists of BMs/Bursars from all school phases – primary, secondary, and special, foundation, trust, community and PFI schools with each of the former 7 County Area Improvement Partnerships represented by a BM from their area. This ensures all aspects of school business management, and the way they affect all schools, are discussed by the group and that every part of the county is represented ensuring well disseminated information.

We meet a minimum of 6 times a year but also have sub groups for conference organisation and for other projects as the need arises.

We have worked hard to develop relationships with the local authority and have representation on various LA forums including School Forum along with representation on the local NAHT Executive Body.

Over the years we have identified and delivered training and now work in partnership with a local training provider, Knowledge Cookie, to ensure training offered to SBMs in the locality matches need.

We offer mentoring to new colleagues by linking them up with a local SBM. We organise a biennial two-day conference (next one 2017) and one-day conferences in between with a specific focus. In 2014 we ran a Premises Conference for SBM and site staff and in 2016 will be delivering a HR conference for Heads and SBMs.

Meetings of the Forum cover updates on our collaborative work; guest speakers (e.g. LA representatives, Advocate BM for region, Chamber of Commerce); group development and topical local issues.

Northamptonshire BMs have access to an “all bursars” email facility which allows them to contact every other bursar/BM in the county at the click of a button. This has proved a popular resource for sharing good practice, policies, supplier recommendations, sharing information and general networking; however, we are now encouraging members to use the forum on our website which is fast becoming a valuable resource for local SBMs.