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South Leeds Bursar Network Group (SLBNG)

South Leeds Bursar Network Group was established in 2008 and incorporates schools situated in South Leeds.  It gives opportunity for staff working in the operational side of education (High School or Primary) to meet and provide support in what can often be perceived as an isolated role.

The group has sustained its membership and continues to meet regularly against the ever changing landscape of school business management and includes representatives from maintained schools, voluntary aided schools and academies.  New members receive a very warm welcome and are offered support and access to a wealth of expertise.  Collaboration regularly takes places during and in between termly meetings in relation to best practice, policies, purchasing, professional development and anything else deemed appropriate.

We will work closely with the DoE, the ISBL and all other professional bodies in order to foster success in all areas of school business management.

If you have any questions please contact the Chair, Michelle Cassar by emailing [email protected].


Contact: Michelle Cassar – Chair