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The Education Broker provides a unique service to schools, academies and colleges. Helping you to quickly and efficiently source four different staff absence polices from various insurers with the completion of only one form - saving you time and effort.

The service is much like a comparison site, providing you with numerous quotes and all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your school’s staff absence insurance.

The DfE encourages schools to conduct a ‘best value’ exercise so by using The Education Broker, you’ll be doing this in one step, as all the quotes are independent of each other (and from various insurers).

You can obtain Staff Absence Insurance quotes from in one easy step

Benefits of The Education Broker:

Immediate access to four different staff absence insurance policies from various insurers

New clients in 2017/18 will receive the ‘Working Well Together” service, fully funded by The Education


Only provider preferred by NAHT and a partner of NASBM

Comparison service - clarity on the differences between what each policy can offer so you are fully informed

No recommendation of specific policies: you make the decision based on your school’s needs

Face-to-face visits can be arranged at times convenient to you

Presentations and seminars are available on staff absence, maternity leave and managing risk

Remember, when buying insurance, the cheapest quote doesn’t always represent best value. Always read and understand the cover and any exclusions/limitations that may affect your school.

To contact The Education Broker visit or telephone 0845 600 5762.

Contact The Education Broker

Call: 0800 7833 500

Minton House, Woodlands, Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke BRISTOL Bristol BS32 4JT

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