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InVentry is the market leader for sign in and visitor management solutions in education and is trusted by more than 6,000 schools in the UK. The fully-equipped MIS integrated solution allows users to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time. It speeds up the signing in process, keeps identity information secure and leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe.


  • Visitor sign in and photo ID badge printing
  • Printed passes for late arriving pupils
  • Visitor memory with facial recognition
  • GDPR enhanced functionality
  • Staff notifications when a visitor arrives on site
  • One-click fire evacuation lists and mobile app
  • DBS check integration
  • Mobile location based sign in for staff
  • Seamless multi-site functionality.


InVentry also provide audit and compliance solutions. The cloud based mobile system allows you to track compliance activities, manage contracts, as well as giving you complete control over the lifecycle of your assets.

InVentry Ltd Leeds LS27 7JN UK
Ms Megan Lawrence
0113 322 9253
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