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Dataphone Communications Ltd

Having supplied schools for over 28 years, Dataphone understands how schools and colleges operate. We have learnt about your daily challenges and the personalised support that you need from suppliers. 
This knowledge and experience has led us to focus on three key areas in our services to schools: 
  • Value: our simple, single monthly contracts cover all your needs at a fantastic price
  • Clarity: our billing is transparent and combines all your telecoms bills into one, easy-to-read document
  • Safety: our fraud-prevention system ensures that your telecoms system is safe and secure for all users
This focus has helped Dataphone to reach 100% customer satisfaction with 96% of our customers saying that they are ‘very pleased’ with our service. 
Dataphone understands that choosing your telecoms solution is an important decision with long-term implications for your school’s communications strategy. That’s why we offer a range of resources on our website, including: 
  • blog posts showing how you can make the most of your telecoms system
  • our free Schools VoIP Guide
  • case studies
For more information visit our website: 

Solutions House, 56 Peregrine Road IG6 3SZ
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