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About In House Safety

In House Safety has been providing safety consultancy and training to schools since 2004.  Then in 2012 launched, the SafetyMARK Award scheme to promote safety Excellence in Schools across the United Kingdom. Many schools have gone through the SafetyMARK process and found the experience both rigorous and enlightening.  Making sure that they are compliant with the relevant health & safety legislation and ensuring that they are creating a safety culture which is based on excellence and not just making do. Using the years of experience built up in all school settings, the advice and guidance given on health and safety matters has been tailored to the specific needs of the education sector to make sure that it works for the school concerned.

We started working with individual schools back in 2004. This has progressed as the school landscape changed and we now work with some larger Multi Academy Trusts and federations throughout the country. Based in the Midlands we have excellent transport links to all parts.  We are large enough to cope but small enough to still provide a personal touch to our service offering.

In House Safety, is part of PHSC plc, which has a number of similar sized complimentary safety related businesses.  As a client of In House Safety, any school will also have access to their expertise and services if required.  Thus providing a broader knowledge from which to learn.


Relationship with ISBL

In House Safety has been working with ISBL for a number of years, providing a number of services, including a number of guidance documents for members to download and use on health & safety matters, articles for the quarterly magazine and providing a facility for members too ask questions and receive advice.  In House Safety has also developed, in collaboration with the ISBL, the IOSH accredited Health and Safety for School Business Professionals course.  A health and safety course that is a version of the IOSH Managing Safely course that has been developed and then evolved over the years to meet the needs specific to School Business Professionals.  This has proved to be very successful and is now recognised across the country as the standard safety qualification that every School Business Manager or other School Professional needs to have.


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