Welcome to the library. This library is for Members to access and share information, knowledge and documentation with each other.

If you require sample policies and documentation on particular subjects, this is where you will find it. You will be sharing information with over 3,000 other professionals that are members, both nationally and internationally.

Sharing your knowledge

If you believe you have a document which will be beneficial to other school business professionals, then please forward us the relevant file and details to

ISBL Communications

This area of the library contains documents for members including media analysis, news, e-bulletins and announcements. They will include information previously made available under NASBM.

NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 13 November 2017 download document
NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 6 November 2017 download document
Apprenticeships for school business professionals Oct 2017 v2 download document
NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 30 October 2017 download document
University of Bolton download document
NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 23 October 2017 download document
NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 16 October 2017 download document
NASBM Weekly News Round Up - 9 October 2017 download document
NASBM News Bulletin 5 October 2017 download document
Self Assessment Toolkit download document

ISBL Member Guides

Guides that have been created on key topics for members

Essential guide to academy conversion (March 2017) download document
Energy and Water Guide (2016) download document
Emerging School Strucutres Guide - what are the options? (February 2016) download document
NASBM Closing the Financial Gap Guide (December 2015) download document
NASBM 'Financial Assurance in Schools & Academies' Guide (May 2015) download document
NASBM Understanding the Jargon Guide (December 2014) download document

ISBL Research Repository

This area of the member library has been designed to house all professional research related to school business management professionals. The area can be used by professionals either looking for insights or as a basis for future research projects. If you are undertaking any current research related to a course programme we would be interested to hear from you in relation to sharing your research here with colleagues.

Educational Leadership: An Exploration of Educational Reforms on the Role of the School Leaders download document
NASBM & University of Manchester report: The Negotiation of Professional Identity download document
Where to now? The survival of rural primary schools download document
Academy conversion download document
Trust structures download document
NASBM Guidance for Improving School Financial Outcomes download document