As part of the Schools & Academies Show 2022, taking place on 27th April at ExCeL, London, we will be hosting an additional virtual day on our ConnectEd Platform on 28th April which will be exclusive to those registered for the show as well as our Hosted Leaders.

This extra virtual day: the Schools & Academies Show Extra, will provide visitors and exhibitors the chance to take part in virtual 1-2-1 meetings if they do not have the chance to meet at the face-to-face show.

Plus, due to number of pertinent topics and challenges within the sector, the Schools & Academies Show Extra will also include limited on-demand content that does not get covered at the face-to-face event.

Once you are registered for the show, you will receive a confirmation email and then approximately 4 weeks before the event you will be given login details to the ConnectEd Platform where you can start to benefit from the event experience.


The Flipped Classroom in Shireland Collegiate Academy The Future of Learning for Digital Natives
  • How flipped learning restructures homework and the learning experience.
  • How to implement flipped learning in your own school.
  • The experience of Shireland Collegiate Academy and the impact of flipped learning on pupils.
Exercise and Education: A Match Made in Heaven
  • How Exercise improves learning outcomes.
  • How exercise can alleviate external stresses present in school and improve pupil mental health.
  • How to effectively implement physical activity and exercise into classroom activities.
Building a Strong Careers Pathway in Schools
  • Helping students understand education pathways and the labour marker
  • Utilising virtual work experience programmes
  • Tailoring self-improvement to meet career goals
Transforming your Classroom to Support SEND
  • Quality first teaching for children with dyslexia
  • Encouraging emotional expression in special need pupils
  • Supporting special needs pupils without making them feel excluded.
Revitalising your School with E-Learning Platforms
  • Empowering pupils to take control of their own learning.
  • Reducing teacher workload to save time and frustration.
  • The importance of involving parents in the learning conversation
Achieving Your Desired School Outcomes Through Improving Staff Wellbeing
  • How to use Welbee to effectively follow up on staff surveys to gather valuable info and ensure that their needs are met.
  • The trickle-down effect of improving teacher wellbeing.
  • How to embed staff wellbeing into the culture of your school
Support to Meet Your GDPR Obligations
  • Centralise your monitoring and reporting to maintain data compliance
  • Streamlining staff GDPR training.
  • Producing professional GDPR compliant documents
How Effective Management Information System Usage Drives School Improvement
  • Identifying and evaluating effective school improvement strategies with evidence.
  • Effective communication with parents to support children’s progression.
  • Managing the precious commodities of budget, time, and resources.