Business Manager

East Midlands

Business Manager

Job Grade: NJC Grade 13 Points 40 - 44
Hours: 37 hours per week Full Time
Start Date: 31/10/2022
Interviews: 12/09/2022
Closing Date: 06/09/2022
Salary: £44,624.00 - £48,667.00

Purpose of Role

The Business Manager is the most senior support staff professional in school whose role is to provide comprehensive support to the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team, ensuring the school meets its educational aims and objectives by leading and managing first class business and corporate service functions.


Principal Duties

Leadership & Management

  1. To line manage the Administration Manager, SLT Executive Assistants, HR Officer, Facilities Manager, Data, Exams & Cover Team and Resources Centre Manager.
  2. Carry out duties in line with Institute of School Business Leadership’s Professional Standards
  3. Carry out duties in line with the Trust Scheme of Delegation and Governance Planner
  4. Advise the Senior Leadership Team and Academy Committee / Governing Body on all matters related to the job description and areas of responsibility
  5. Act as the Local Data Officer in support of the Trust approach to GDPR compliance.
  6. Develop, implement and monitor school policies and procedures ensuring effective communication of and adherence to by stakeholders
  7. Present and train whole school or to smaller groups as required across the role disciplines.
  8. Lead the appraisal process for support staff
  9. Lead the Support Staff Meetings in line with the school management calendar


To lead and have oversight of all areas of administration within the school with a view to providing a strategic perspective in addition to effective and efficient support for the daily operation of the school.

Specifically: –

  1. Line manage the Administration Manager, Resource Centre Manager and Executive Assistants
  2. Line manage the Data, Cover and Exams team.
  3. Lead the whole school administrative function and ensure effective procedures and systems are in place to support
  4. Strategically deploy administrative staff to meet the needs of the school, reviewing and changing staffing plans as required
  5. Scope, design and maintain administrative systems in conjunction with administrative teams that deliver outcomes based on the schools aims and goals
  6. Establish and use effective methods to regularly review and improve administrative systems
  7. Benchmark systems and information to assess trends and make appropriate recommendations
  8. Ensure that data collection systems meet data protection requirements and that the school MIS system is used effectively to maximise efficiency of data analysis
  9. Lead in the development and maintenance of record/information systems ensuring all record keeping is secure and compliant




To have oversight of all matters relating to the school finances by business partnering the Trust Finance Team and school stakeholders, whilst ensuring the school complies with the Academy Trust Handbook and Trust Finance Manual.


Specifically: –


  1. First port of call for school staff finance queries
  2. Ensure the effective and efficient interaction with the Trust Finance Team
  3. Discuss, negotiate, and prepare the annual detailed budget and 3-year budget submission in partnership with school leaders and the Trust Finance business partner, within timetables for final approval. This includes allocating the capitation pot to curriculum areas either under the existing bid process or through a suitable alternative.
  4. Evaluate information, provide insight, and consult with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team on all finance matters impacting the school
  5. Provide commentary interpreting finance system reports that actively monitor and allow control of performance to achieve value for money
  6. Propose revisions to the budget, if necessary, in response to significant or unforeseen developments, this includes updating staffing changes
  7. Identify and advise the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team of the causes of significant variance and take prompt corrective action
  8. Provide ongoing budgetary commentary and/or papers using finance system reports to stakeholders including monthly detailed reporting to the Senior Leadership Team
  9. Identify additional funding streams that could supplement the school’s operational budget
  10. Maximise income through lettings and grants, marketing the school and submitting bids where required
  11. Use local and national benchmarking tools to identify opportunities for greater efficiency and provide the stakeholders with comparisons for discussions and analysis.
  12. Ensure adequate arrangements for the safe collection, accounting, banking, and reconciliation of all monies in accordance with approved regulations.
  13. Liaise with budget holders to ensure funds are used appropriately in line with the School Development Plan and help ensure the money spent is having an impact upon pupil outcomes.
  14. Identify need and management of procurement through ordering of goods and supplies and approval of non-order invoices for payment within agreed regulations. Monitor quality of purchases.  Seek out new suppliers if necessary. Liaise with PKAT finance team to raise orders and ensure suppliers are paid in a timely manner.
  15. Ensure inventories are in place and regularly updated by relevant managers.
  16. Advise the Headteacher, CFO and CEO if fraudulent activities are suspected or uncovered in accordance with the PKAT Anti-Fraud Policy
  17. Authorise expenditure within the delegated authority
  18. Manage budgets in line with responsibility areas.
  19. Provide support and steering to other budget managers
  20. To have overall responsibility for maintaining and operating the whole school budget
  21. Participate in the Trust internal and external audit activities as required
  22. To constantly review use of financial resources to improve outcomes for pupils.
  23. Ensure that the principles of Best Value for Money are adhered to at all times
  24. To work with PKAT colleagues and the Chief Operating Officer on the renewal of contracts and procurement of external services using the principles of Value for Money and sustainability



Human Resources

To lead and manage the Human Resources function within the school to include recruitment, retention and the application of all Trust and statutory policies relating to personnel.

Specifically: –

  1. To be the lead support professional for personnel matters, liaising with external and Trust support channels for guidance where necessary
  2. To line manage the School’s HR Officer
  3. To provide advisory / triage support to the Headteacher, SLT and Governors on all personnel issues
  4. Ensure the school meets the requirements of all statutory employment legislation
  5. To keep under review and make recommendations to the Headteacher on the appropriate staffing structure for the school, with a particular focus on support staff
  6. Support the Headteacher, Governors and SLT in the strategic planning of workforce development including identifying the types of skills, knowledge, understanding and experience required to undertake existing and future planned activities.
  7. Oversee the recruitment, preboarding and onboarding process in line with statutory safer recruitment procedures and Trust policies
  8. Ensure that all recruitment, appraisal, staff development, grievance, disciplinary and redundancy policies and procedures comply with legal and regulatory requirements and that they are in line with PKAT policies.
  9. Act as an investigating officer in disciplinary action when required
  10. Oversee performance management for all non-teaching support staff.
  11. Ensure people have a clear understanding of HR/staff policies and procedures and the importance of putting them into practice
  12. Sign off the school’s payroll
  13. Be accountable for the school’s Single Central Record ensuring statutory guidelines are adhered to and the record stand the scrutiny of regulatory bodies
  14. Ensure personnel files, databases and record keeping is kept updated including liaising with PKAT and EPM, providing necessary documentation for all new appointments and changes in appointments.
  15. Ensure that all requirements for DBS checking and all pre-employment checks meet statutory requirements
  16. Manage the Directed Time calculations in support of the SLT
  17. Attend link meetings with Professional Association representatives as required
  18. Maintain staff handbooks



Systems & Technology

Lead and co-ordinate the strategic development of ICT systems.

Specifically: –

  1. Act as the primary business partner and conduit with Trust IT Services for the provision of IT to Jack Hunt School
  2. Be responsible for the school website ensuring that it complies with statutory requirements including “what schools must publish online”
  3. Consider approaches for existing use and future plans to introduce or discard technology in the school
  4. Ensure that the school has a plan for technology aligned to the overall Trust IT Vision & Strategy
  5. Work with Trust IT Services colleagues to ensure the school has resources, support and training are provided to enable work colleagues to make the best use of available ICT including teaching, learning and assessment systems
  6. Ensure contingency plans are in place in the case of technology failure, including ‘back up’ of the most up to date school data
  7. Support the Senior Leadership Team drive best value from the iLearn project



Facilities & Estates

Lead and have oversight of all matters relating to the maintenance, development, suitability and sufficiency of the school buildings and grounds. To include the day to day services provided by the PFI contractor, ensuring the highest quality care for premises and quality of provision for service as outlined in the PFI contract.

Maintain an environment for learning which is attractive, welcoming stimulating and fit for purpose.


Specifically: –

  1. Line manage the Facilities Manager and lettings function.
  2. Liaise with the Local Authority over the performance of the PFI contract to deliver high quality services and the application of penalties where appropriate.
  3. Regularly proactively monitor the school premises to ensure prompt action is taken to rectify faults and defects
  4. Meet regularly with the PFI contractor to raise issues, receive reports and record outcomes.
  5. Prepare reports for SLT and the Academy Committee / Governing Body on the performance of the PFI contractor.
  6. Populate and maintain a school Asset Management Plan meeting the COO as required to review.
  7. Prepare a lifecycle plan annually with the Facilities Manager for negotiation with the PFI contractor as per contract schedules.
  8. Manage internal premises related budgets.
  9. Develop, scope and manage capital projects essential to the effective running of the school, inputting ideas to, and discussing in line with, the PKAT Estates Vision and Strategy.
  10. Manage the school capital funding.
  11. Oversee the school CCTV system and ensure the system and record keeping comply with the ICO code of practice and all GDPR legislative requirements
  12. Liaise with the PFI contractor to ensure security of the premises during operating hours.
  13. Implement and review annually the Lettings Policy having due regard to the third-party agreement with the PFI contractor.
  14. Oversee the operation of the School Helpdesk.
  15. Manage visiting contractors appointed by the school.
  16. Negotiate, manage and monitor contracts and agreements for supplies and services to ensure Best Value and Value for Money where services are required outside the PFI contract.
  17. Develop Environmental and Sustainable initiatives in school aimed at assisting reduction in the Trust Carbon emissions
  18. Oversee the lease and lettings arrangements with other organisations on the school site and regularly communicate with settings managers/ owners to review and evaluate as appropriate.
  19. Oversee the lettings function, monitoring bookings, income, budget and staffing
  20. Maintain a proactive relationship with the swimming pool and fitness suite
  21. Oversee the management of the minibus fleet, ensuring ROSPA guidance is followed and procedures are in place for their safe use



Health & Safety

To lead and have oversight of health and safety matters in accordance with appropriate legislation, business partnering the Trust H&S advisors to drive full compliance.


Specifically: –


  1. Be responsible for the review, development and implementation of Fire Evacuation procedures for the school.
  2. Be responsible for co-ordinating whole school fire evacuation and stimulating drills to the required frequency. Keep records of evacuations
  3. Be responsible for the school Code Red lockdown procedures
  4. Be responsible for the school Emergency & Business Continuity Plan and Procedures ensuring alignment with other Trust schools and the Trust Plan
  5. Regularly liaise with the Trust Health & Safety advisors.
  6. Partner the Trust Health & Safety providers on audits and ensure actions arising are closed off
  7. Ensure actions arising from Fire Risk Assessments are closed off either in school or by the PFI contractor.
  8. Ensure the Trust’s written health & safety policy statement is clearly communicated and available to all
  9. Ensure the Trust health & safety policy is implemented at all times, put into practice and all colleagues are aware of the Health & Safety Handbook and knowledge quiz
  10. Ensure all staff complete mandatory Health & Safety training via the Trust’s platforms
  11. Support departmental managers with fostering a Health & Safety culture in their departments and ensuring they discharge their management responsibilities relating to Health & Safety
  12. Encourage a near miss reporting culture
  13. Ensure systems are in place to enable the identification of hazards and risk assessments
  14. Ensure systems are in place for effective monitoring, measuring and reporting of health and safety matters. Ensure reporting and record keeping is consistent and accurate, including accident reports
  15. Investigate and report upon accidents and minor incidents as required, escalating any potential RIDDOR incidents to the COO and Trust Health & Safety advisors
  16. Ensure the maximum level of security consistent with the ethos of the school
  17. Chair the Health & Safety Committee meeting in school twice a year
  18. Liaise with the PFI contractor on matters concerning health and safety associated with the premises.




Additional Responsibilities


  1. Be an active member of the PKAT Business Managers Group meeting half-termly
  2. Attend regular meetings with Trust staff and other schools as required
  3. Manage the 16-19 Bursary Policy and sign off on 16-19 Bursary claims for the discretionary element (element 2)
  4. Support central team requests for information in a timely manner
  5. Play a full part in the life of the school community and support the distinctive vision and values of the Trust and school, encouraging staff and students to follow this example
  6. Undertake any other duties appropriate to the grading of the role as directed by the Headteacher
  7. Provide training for staff at induction and at other times as necessitated by the management calendar, in line with the role remit
  8. Relish opportunities to learn and develop
  9. Be aware of, support and ensure equal opportunities for all
  10. Appreciate and support the role of other professionals, positively contributing to a team ethos
  11. Carry out duties with a customer-focussed mindset
  12. Attend and participate in relevant meetings as required
  13. Ensure all duties are carried out with the outcomes for young people at the heart of the work.
  14. Act as the School Travel Plan Co-ordinator and implement and review the School Travel Plan.
  15. Implement and review the school’s Data Protection Policy, School Publications Policy and Freedom of Information Policy and Procedures.
  16. Attend meetings of the Senior Leadership Team as required on request, and other meetings related to the leadership responsibilities of this role.
  17. Horizon scan to keep abreast of professional developments related to this role.



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