School Business Manager

South West

School Business Manager

Job Grade: TLP Special Rate
Hours: 08:00 - 16:00
Start Date: 01/09/2022
Interviews: 13/07/2022
Closing Date: 06/07/2022
Salary: £47,665.00 - £52,867.00

Job Title: School Business Manager


Responsible to: Head Teacher


Directly Responsible for: Finance Officer, HR Manager, Facilities Manager, Catering Manager, Systems and Support Manager, PA to SLT & Communications Officer.


Work Pattern: Full Time – 37 hours per week, all year round, 08:00-16:00. Some flexibility of working hours will be required.  


Annual Leave: Annual leave must be taken in consultation with school management in order to meet required school and trust deadlines and work cycles, but would include the opportunity for term-time leave.

Grade: TLP special salary scale – £47,665 – £52,867 per annum (points 43 – 48 inclusive)


Job Purpose: As part of the Senior Leadership Team, take a strategic lead within the school with oversight for finance, human resources, facilities, systems and support, marketing, UK GDPR, commercial activities, Health and Safety, IT and the development and implementation of efficient, sustainable, compliant and quality assured school business operations.


The School Business Manager will work closely with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teachers and other SLT to ensure the school meets its educational aims.


The School Business Manager is responsible for providing professional leadership and management of support staff, in partnership with teaching staff, to enhance overall effectiveness. 


The School Business Manager promotes the highest standards of business ethos within the support functions of the school, ensuring effective use of resources. 


Principal Accountabilities;

  • Provide a strategic vision and leadership to a wide range of teams within the school to secure continuous school improvement. 
  • Alongside the Head Teacher, ensure the school staffing, structure, infrastructure and resources continue to meet the aspirations for school improvement.
  • To support senior leadership colleagues with effective risk management, through raising awareness, strategic planning for risk mitigation.
  • Responsible for strategic budget management to ensure sustainability. 
  • Responsible for day to day compliance with finance policy and ensuring effective deployment of resources, achieving best value for money.
  • Responsible for day to day compliance with relevant HR policies and ensuring effective deployment of resources and compliance.
  • Responsible for compliance with legislation including health and safety and UK GDPR.
  • To ensure a continual focus on school improvement through research and new developments that add value, improve efficiencies, improve quality, reduce carbon footprint and enrich the experience for students and staff.
  • To be take a shared responsibility for all non-teaching focused support operations and strategic developments and plans in relation to running and promoting the school, whilst achieving best value for money and optimising its use for the benefit of the School and wider community. Providing a cohesive financial plan to help the school meet its goals.
  • To be responsible and accountable for all financial, premises, resources (including staffing), strategic planning and development. 
  • To rationalise all school financial and material resource planning and management in order to maintain the smooth financial operation of the school, whilst achieving best value for money and maximum utilisation of accommodation/resources and to create a healthy, safe and secure working environment for students, staff and visitors. 
  • To lead and take an active role within the Operational Leadership team in developing and delivering support services, reducing risk and optimising efficiencies to achieve excellence in the TLP defined standards.
  • Provide support and guidance to direct reports and monitor workload and wellbeing of those colleagues.


Shared Responsibilities to support the Leadership Team members:

  • Foster community links
  • Engagement with Tarka Learning Partnership and service providers where appropriate
  • Ensuring the school strives for a ‘highly effective’ rating across all relevant TLP standards
  • Informing and monitoring of school targets
  • Support the Senior Leadership Team 
  • Work to strengthen and enhance The Park Community School’s values and culture
  • Work to safeguard staff, students and their data that we process
  • Create a positive behaviour culture based on kindness and empathy
  • To be alert and active on issues relating to pupil welfare, safeguarding and child protection and to pass on information and concerns (significant and low-level) to the relevant personnel in the school.
  • Take a leading or supportive role in any investigations as required.


Key Function 1: Leadership, Management and Strategy 

  • Manage/strategic oversight for Operational IT.
  • Act as the school’s GDPR lead, ensuring data management and sharing is robustly controlled and reporting and dealing with any GDPR breaches.
  • Contribute to strategic workforce planning as relevant/when required.
  • Provide strategic vision and leadership across all non-educational functions of the school. 
  • Appoint and lead school support staff over a wide range of disciplines, including administration, finance, personnel, library, mealtime supervision, technical staff, catering, cleaning, health and safety, grounds maintenance, premises and security. 
  • Lead the Senior Leadership Operational Team, attend meetings and play a central role within it. Lead and advise on matters within role remit and on business risk to drive continual improvement in the administrative function of the school.  
  • Oversight of the tendering for service contracts at school level and insurances for areas not covered by RPA with a view to cost effectiveness, risk mitigation and suitable protection.
  • Play a leading role in the general management and change management of the administrative and curriculum ICT infrastructure and ancillary facilities, collaborating regularly with the School’s IT provider Manager.
  • Contribute to the formulation of the school’s Self Evaluation and Improvement Planning processes. 
  • Deliver school wide awareness training for data protection, H&S, and other compliant practices in line with TLP guidance.
  • Formulate and update policies on behalf of, and for ratification by, the School Community Board relating to areas covered by this specific role.
  • Prepare detailed regular financial reports for leadership and for the TLP Chief Financial Officer.
  • Support the Headteacher in preparing financial updates and reports for the TLP Board of Trustees.
  • Prepare information for publications and returns for the TLP, agencies and stakeholders as required and within statutory guidelines.


Key Function 2: Finance 

  • Ensure systems and processes for effective financial & resource management are fully embedded within the school. 
  • Ensure the Senior Leaders understand its budget position 
  • Ensure Senior leaders and budget holders are acutely aware of policy, their school context and the factors that will impact the resources available to them and take account of financial sustainability in all their decision making.
  • Ensure reporting is clear & transparent. 
  • Ensure the school can set an in-year balanced budget maintaining reserve levels above 5% of income, or planned deficit where reserves above 5% are used to support a capital project. 
  • Ensure there is a high degree of accuracy in the processing of financial transactions.
  • Ensure a high level of compliance to the Trust’s Finance Policy & Procedures Manual, best practice is deeply embedded within the schools’ systems.
  • Information to inform returns and monitoring is consistently submitted in full by the published deadlines.  
  • Ensure monthly pay reports are scrutinised to ensure minimal errors in staff pay.
  • To be proactive in sourcing external funding for school development. 
  • Develop and manage the strategy for fundraising and income generation and to oversee, if not prepare, funding bids and grant applications. 
  • Ensure effective management of service contracts and timely review of any contract renewals to secure quality.
  • Work with the Headteacher in ensuring that the school’s budget supports strategic initiatives in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Key Function 3: Human Resources

  • Line management of HR Manager
  • Safer Recruitment Compliance including Single Central Record.
  • Oversee and manage, alongside other SLT members, new staff induction days.
  • Ensure HR administration processes are effective and UK GDPR compliant.
  • Prepare and submit workforce census.
  • Support Headteacher with Teachers’ Annual Pay Review and issuing of annual pay statements. 
  • Develop effective and compliant recruitment practices to support staff vacancies. 
  • Development and Implementation of effective performance appraisal systems for support staff.
  • Be proactive to identify and support staff wellbeing concerns at an early stage and facilitate appropriate support.
  • Line management of Finance Assistant
  • Oversight of payroll, including anomalies and investigations into errors.


Key Function 4: Facilities 

  • Provide a safe working environment for all students, staff and community users. 
  • Develop strategic long-term investment plans for the maintenance and development of the campus.
  • Oversee the letting of school premises to external organisations, for the development of the extended services and local community requirements.
  • Have oversight of the emergency evacuation drills and procedures, including emergency school closure procedures under the direction of the Head Teacher. 
  • Oversight for school security – access arrangements for staff and visitors, CCTV 
  • Be responsible for the environmental/sustainability development of the site. 
  • Oversee the implementation and usage of Parago site management system.
  • Oversee RIDDOR and incident reporting. 
  • Be responsible for effective asset management across the whole site. 
  • Oversee systems are in place for effective monitoring, measuring and reporting of health and safety issues to the Senior Leadership Team and Trust and – where appropriate – the Health & Safety Executive.
  • Line management of the school’s Catering Manager and ensure the efficient running of the catering service.
  • Ensure that the Food Standards Agency guidelines are followed with reference to health and safety and nutrition. 
  • Following the overall Trust strategy and policies, to be responsible for the development and implementation of the medium to long term catering strategy in the school.


Key Function 5: Systems and Support 

  • Line management of MIS/Systems developments. 
  • Oversee Systems and Support Manager relating to data migration, development and implementation of systems and software. 
  • Oversight of the website and all other marketing collateral and the internal and external communications infrastructure.
  • Oversight of the resources and administration required to support offsite activities.
  • Regular engagement with 3rd party IT Manager regarding infrastructure developments.


Key Function 6: Front Office and Administrative Support 

  • In tandem with the Senior Leadership Team, oversee the communications strategy, publicity and promotion of the school. 
  • Strategic oversight and line management of internal and external marketing
  • Ensure administration processes are fully UK GDPR compliant.
  • Expansion of school business services – Direct Provision of Uniform.
  • Oversee the maintenance of student records and be responsible for records and returns as required. 
  • Use data analysis, evaluation and reporting systems to best effect by ensuring systems are streamlined to maximise efficiency and avoid duplication.
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