School Business Manager

East Midlands

School Business Manager

Job Grade: Grade 12 Point 31-34
Hours: 37 hours
Start Date: 04/04/2022
Interviews: 25/03/2022
Closing Date: 21/03/2022
Salary: £37,356.00 - £41,202.00

School Business Manager

Grade 12

Post Holder:

Responsible to: Headteacher

Core Purpose:

The School Business Manager holds a key post of responsibility within the school. As a member of the school leadership team, makes a major contribution to the strategic direction of the school, including:

• To act as the school’s Chief Financial Officer

• The promotion of the school aims, objectives and ethos

• To contribute to the overall organisation, management and direction of the school.

• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of key educational priorities of the school and national policies

• Together with the Head Teacher and the Leadership Team, makes a major contribution to the successful management and administration of the school and to its continuing development in accordance with the Trust Board’s long term strategies for development.

• Establishing good working relationships with all stake holders and external agencies

• Responsible for Strategic and Day to Day Financial Resource Management, Administration Management, Management Information (including GDPR) and ICT, Human Resource Management, Facility and Property Management and Health & Safety Management

• To make best use of the physical, financial and human resources available.

• To maintain oversight of designated areas of whole school organisation and development and to take responsibility for a range of specific tasks, as outlined below.

• To be a visible leader of the wider school

The School Business Manager is responsible for providing professional leadership and management of school support staff in partnership with teaching staff, to enhance their effectiveness in order to achieve improved standards of learning and achievement in the school. The School Business Manager promotes the highest standards of business ethos within the administrative function of the school and strategically ensures the most effective use of resources in support of the schools learning objectives.

Specific Duties:

1) Management & Development of Support Staff

a) Directly line manage all the admin team and Site Manager within the school and be responsible for all aspects of personnel management and welfare

b) Draft and/or review job descriptions and person specifications

c) Prioritising and reallocating work to meet deadlines of self and the support staff group, and providing support and guidance where necessary.

2) Finance Administration

Provide effective business and financial management for the school with direct responsibility for budgets and business plans.

a) Proactively prepare and report on annual budgets for the Trust Board and the Headteacher to approve, by preparing and presenting financial statements and reports and allocating agreed outcomes. To provide specific expertise and advice in long term financial planning for the sustainability of the school. To ensure effective link between the schools financial plans and the schools improvement plans.

b) To oversee data protection procedures and ensure the school’s compliance with GDPR legislation

c) To attend evening Trust Board Resources and occasional full Trust Board meetings


Job Description

(March 2022)

d) Keep abreast of national and local developments in school funding and advise the governors on appropriate action.

e) To manage the running of the school’s financial systems and ensure compliance with national and local standards for financial management and audit regulations. Implement and monitor procedures for the safe collection, correct handling, recording and banking of cash and related tasks. Undertake budget monitoring at all levels within the school and to assist individual budget holders to manage their own budgets.

f) Obtain quotations and negotiate prices with suppliers and contractors for goods and services to ensure best value for the school.

g) Manage capital bid projects, keeping the HT up to date at all times

h) Prepare management and financial accounts as required for the Head Teacher and Trust Board alongside the academy’s accountants. Prepare cash-flow forecasts to ensure that the academies cash position is consistent with its obligations

i) To establish and keep updated computer based financial and management accounting systems for the academy and to supervise other staff in the operation of the academy’s financial systems.

j) To act as the key contact for the annual audit of the academy, ensuring that key information is provided in a timely and accurate manner.

k) To maintain regular liaison with banks and auditors

l) To monitor service level agreements, contracts to monitor effectiveness of delivery and value for money.

m) To maximise income from external funding agencies and from other uses of the facilities and ensure that best value principles are applied to the provision of externally supplied services.

n) To identify and pursue sources of funding, income, sponsorship and grants. To write bids for funding as required by outside bodies.

o) To ensure that the school complies with the EFA Financial Management Governance and the Academies Financial Handbook, Funding Agreement & Articles of Association.

3) Business Management

The Business Manager will be responsible for leading all aspects of administration across the school. Specific responsibilities include:-

a) To line manage the administrative staff to ensure the efficient and effective running of the school office and its functions

b) To liaise with the ICT Network Manager and Headteacher to co-ordinate planning for the effective provision of ICT resources at the school including hardware, reprographics and telephone system.

c) To adopt the lead role in establishing an effective hospitality and reception service for a wide range of contacts.

d) Ensure that all aspects of school management/administration support its vision and aims are implemented and maintained.

e) Develop, monitor and ensure the delivery of a comprehensive administrative and support service is provided to the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and Teaching Staff.

f) Ensure that all administrative procedures are in place in order that parents and the community are aware of all of the aspects of the school’s curriculum and activities.

g) Ensure that all relevant legislative requirements are communicated to the appropriate people.

h) Prepare documentation and reports to support the senior leadership team.

4) Health & Safety

a) Oversee the Academy’s Health & Safety adherence, overseeing the Site Manager and ensuring that policies, risk assessments, records and practices are followed and communicated to staff, contractors and visitors.

b) To keep the HT appraised of any outstanding H & S issues as they arise.

c) To report to governors on Health & Safety and advise all staff as appropriate.

d) Ensure risk assessments are regularly updated/completed

e) Develop and maintain Health and Safety, Fire, Security and Emergency/Disaster plans for the School, liaising with eternal providers when appropriate.


Job Description

(March 2022)

5) Premises Management

a) To line manage the premises team to ensure the efficient and effective running of the school site and its functions

b) To be responsible for letting of the school premises to outside agencies.

c) Be responsible for ensuring that the school buildings, grounds are maintained to an adequate standard also that the buildings are secure in order to provide a safe environment for staff and pupils.

d) Ensure that all necessary specifications for work to be undertaken are properly formulated to ensure that outside contractor tenders meet best value criteria. Liaise with outside contractors as necessary and as required, give instructions with regard to the commencement of the work.

6) Personnel Management

a) To be responsible for the administration of personnel matters, including appointments, contracts of employment, DBS and medical checks, conditions of service and discipline and grievance matters, making recommendations as necessary to the Headteacher and governing body, and to participate in the recruitment of support staff.

b) To be the first point of contact in the morning for staff reporting absence and make initial cover arrangements for teachers and other staff.

c) To ensure that the academy is compliant with all relevant HR polices and procedures.

d) To understand accurately and apply schools pay and conditions

e) To deal with all matters relating to remuneration and payroll, including HMRC queries, National Insurance, pensions etc.

f) Ensure all HR processes and systems are efficient.

g) To ensure accurate, timely staff information is communicated to the relevant parties.

h) Monitor the recruitment procedure to ensure safer recruitment.

Subject to the duration of the need, the special conditions given below apply:

• The nature of the work may involve the postholder carrying out work outside of normal working hours.

• The post holder may be required to attend, from time to time, training courses, conferences, seminars or other meetings as required by his/her own training needs and the needs of the service.

• Expenses will be paid in accordance with the Local Conditions of Service.

• This post is subject to an Enhanced DBS check regarding any previous criminal record.

This job description sets out the duties and responsibilities of the post at the time when it was drawn up. Such duties and responsibilities may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot themselves justify a reconsideration of the grading of the post.

For more information please contact: [email protected] or call 0116 2393410

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