Performance Related Pay (PRP) for teachers

From September 2014, a new performance-linked pay framework for teachers in England came into effect.

The main changes to the existing system were:

  • Removing pay progression based on length of service and linking all pay progression to performance.
  • Giving schools the option of increasing individual teachers’ pay at different rates based on their performance.
  • Replacing the current threshold test for progression from the main to the upper pay range with new simpler criteria.
  • Discontinuing the current Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and Excellent Teacher (ET) designations and creating a new pay range for leading practitioners whose primary purpose is to model and lead the improvement of teaching skills.
  • Giving schools more freedom to determine starting salaries of teachers new to the school.
  • Removing any obligation on schools when recruiting to match a teacher’s existing salary.


Implementation flowchart of the appraisal and pay determination cycle



For further detail, see Roles and responsibilities for determining pay progression (DfE 2013)