ISBL Professional Standards

A major priority for NASBM in 2015 was the development of a suite of professional standards for school business leaders, comparable to those already available for other staff in schools. These standards have been adopted by ISBL and will be reviewed during 2018 to ensure that the continue to be applicable and relevant for the profession.

These standards are intended to: 

  • Set out the core and specialist areas of competence required to be successful in a role as a School Business Leader

  • Assist those currently working in, or aspiring to work in, the School Business Leadership profession to perform their role as expertly and efficiently as possible;

  • Set out the content of both initial and continuing professional development for those entering or developing their career in the profession;

  • Provide a framework for the development of qualifications and other professional recognition for School Business Leadership professionals.


The standards have been used by head teachers and governors to inform and underpin the recruitment and performance management of School Business Leadership professionals.



For further information about the national professional standards framework, and to discuss how it might apply to you, please contact the ISBL training team on