ISBL Energy Framework

Why we set up an energy framework for the education sector?

In three words “to be different”. We identified a gap in the marketplace whereby SBMs and Finance Directors are not given the opportunity to value check their energy provider as they are often renewed into contracts with little or no prior warning; thus disabling the opportunity to go through a full and proper procurement process.

Many energy frameworks that are in the public domain concentrate on awarding 4 year supply contracts normally to only 3 suppliers; one for large electricity meters, one for small electricity meters and one for gas. These are generally a “one size fits all” solution and does not provide schools and academies the choice and diversity that the energy markets can bring.

Why you may want to use this framework?

This Framework means that you gain control and greater understanding of your energy costs.

This means in terms of price:

Our framework encompasses ALL suppliers, so each time you need a quotation or contract renewed we will find the best supplier that fits the profile of your own metered consumption, backed by our preferred energy broker Zenergi’s £multi-million purchasing power. The tendering process provides a full audit trail with all costings;

This means in terms of contract length:

You will have the discussion with Zenergi, to lock in for whatever term that fits YOUR needs and/or budget. The contract documentation will provide current budgetary costs, what the new contract rates and budget will be, the top 3 suppliers that quoted for your school / academy and all other associated costs so you don’t get any nasty surprises part way through, or at the end of the contract

This means in terms of choice:

You can have the discussion with Zenergi to choose what type of tariff provides best value, which suppliers you may want to go with, what services you may or may not want to include and what reporting you may want to receive each month. Their unique PEP (Positive Energy Pack) can be tailored to suit your needs and is often used in science and maths lessons

This means in terms of invoice validation:

You can rest easy that each time an invoice is received, it is being validated by industry experts to avoid any expensive over, or under charges; the consumption is what it should be and your spend is on track with your forecasted consumption.

All invoices are received into Zenergis’ offices and these are then entered into the system to provide such data. They will even chase when an invoice is expected and not received, providing accurate forecasts if issues arise.

This means that in terms of customer service:

You will be assigned your very own Customer Account Manager (CAM) by Zenergi and this person will initially lead you through the changeover process onto the ISBL scheme.

Once the contract starts they will be your dedicated point of contact and will deal with ALL energy related queries, billing or otherwise, that may arise so you do not have to waste time talking to suppliers or other consortia that you may have used previously. In essence, your Zenergi team will be in touch at the earliest possible opportunity.

Other public bodies will be able to access this framework too as we want to generate best value in many different arenas to create value and choice!

What are the key benefits of using this framework over another procurement route?

The key benefits of using this framework are to encourage choice, information, best value and simplicity. If your current supplier is not providing these:

  • contract renewal rates in advance and not just indicative ‘X% increase’;
  • a helpful notice period so you can prepare your own evaluation/tender and hence best value;
  • choice of contract lengths and tariffs;
  • service level agreement to handle your queries;
  • regular reporting to assist with carbon/consumption reduction and forecasting.

Then you may want to look into using the ISBL Energy Framework.

Next steps

If you want to find out more about using this framework and would like to get a quote for your energy then please fill out the form below and a member of the Zenergi team will contact you.